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The Graduate Field of Genetics, Genomics and Development (GG&D) at Cornell University provides top-ranked multidisciplinary training in the biological and biomedical sciences. The GG&D Field builds on the strong tradition of interdisciplinary training at Cornell and is composed of more than 55 faculty members from 15 departments in 5 colleges. The field has particular strengths in the following research areas: Genetics; Developmental Biology; Population Structure and Molecular Evolution; Molecular Genetics; Genomics; Computational Biology; and Plant Genetics. Graduate students in the Field of GG&D obtain outstanding training in genomics, genetics and development and acquire analytical tools that enable them to understand the mechanisms of inheritance, development, mutation, gene regulation, and population structure and evolution. The Cornell campus offers state-of-the-art facilities and provides many opportunities for collaboration. This fertile environment, led by an enthusiastic and dedicated faculty, provides a rigorous training environment. Our graduates enjoy successful careers in research universities and institutes, undergraduate colleges, and industry.

Cornell University is unique among the top dozen "research universities" (as identified by US News) in being situated in a small city, which affects the quality of life, creating a friendly and supportive atmosphere for graduate students.

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GG&D is one of several Graduate Fields in the life sciences at Cornell. For an overview of graduate education in the life sciences see:

Student Highlights

Batao LiuGGD student Botao Liu was awarded The Hsien Wu and Daisy Yen Wu Scholarship / The Liu Memorial Award More

Andrew Modzelewski GGD student Andrew Modzelewski was awarded the 2013 LPS Best Paper Award More

Brooke LaFlamme GGD student Brooke LaFlamme was awarded the 2013 Wellnitz Best Paper Award More

Paul Billing-RossGGD student Paul Billing-Ross was awarded a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship More

Daniel ZinshteynGGD student Daniel Zinshteyn received Honorable Mention for his application of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship More

Robin SchwenkeGGD student Robin Schwenke received Honorable Mention for her application of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship More

GGD student Kevin Wei was awarded the 3CPG Graduate Student Fellowship More

Marsha WallaceMarsha Wallace’s research on breast cancer which was published in the July 30 issue of Genetics (Comparative Oncogenomics Implicates the Neurofibromin 1 Gene (NF1) as a Breast Cancer Driver) was featured in an article in the Cornell Chronicle.

Chelsea Brideau: 2011 LPS Award for best paper by a G&D student for Brideau, C. M., Eilertson, K. E., Hagarman, J. A., Bustamante, C. D., and Soloway, P. D. (2010) Successful Computational Prediction of Novel Imprinted Genes From Epigenomic Features. Mol Cell Biol 30, 33573370.

Heather Flores: 2011 Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution Fitch Award Finalist; 2011 DeLill Nasser Award for Professional Development, Genetics Society of America.

Patrick Murphy: 2011 Best Poster Award, Canadian Conference on Epigenetics.

Caroline Sartain: 2011 DeLill Nasser Award for Professional Development, Genetics Society of America.

Brooke LaFlamme: 2010 European Journal of Cell Biology Prize for outstanding presentation at the Gordon Research Conference on proteolytic enzymes and their inhibitors.

Molly Shook: 2010 DOD Predoctoral Breast Cancer Research Fellowship.

Marcia Wallace: 2010 Outstanding Poster Award- 24th International Mammalian Genome Conference, Greece.


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