Student Handbook

Graduate Student Activities

Two student representatives are selected each year from the first year class near the end of the first year. The student reps coordinate graduate student help during the recruitment of new graduate students, communicate with the DGS on behalf of all GGD students about curricular and other issues, and attend the GGD faculty Field meetings (except for discussions on individual students in the spring Field meeting). Additional interactions and social gatherings are organized by the GGD Graduate Student Association (GGDGSA).

Students have access to a variety of Career Service Resources on campus: Cornell University Career Services, CALS Career Development Office, College of Engineering Career Services, and Office of Postdoctoral Studies. Career seminars are offered throughout each year by GGD or other fields on campus. A Careers Course on various career paths is offered once every two or three years. Career-related issues will also be discussed by speakers during the bi-annual Graduate student Symposium, which will be organized by both GGD and BMCB students. Students also have access to various Cornell Careers Service resources that help them identify their career paths.

An Annual Picnic is held each year (late August) and is a good way to meet the students, staff and faculty. The picnic is organized in large part to welcome the incoming class of graduate students. Look for flyers and an announcement at orientation. Rides are provided if needed.

Intramural Sports are a great way to get to know people. There are many sports activities, softball, volleyball and basketball are possibilities, and several students and faculty play ice hockey with graduate student teams. Look for sign-up sheets on bulletin boards around the building and ask your fellow students.

The Big Red Barn is a place to eat, socialize and meet other graduate students. You can reserve space there at no cost for professional or social activities. Also, be aware that the Student Life Union at Willard Straight Hall will provide money to student groups who want to sponsor activities involving students.

The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly is a major forum for discussion and implementing actions that affect graduate students. Each Field has a student representative on the assembly.

An Expanding Your Horizons Workshop is usually held every year on campus. The conference, for girls in the 6th-8th grades, is organized and staffed by women graduate students, postdoctoral, and faculty volunteers. Watch for notices. This activity provides a good way to meet other women in math and science, and to share experiences with others interested in education and teaching. See: /

For a complete list of the graduate student organizations on campus, go to / or /