Student Handbook

Progress Reports

Annual progress reports are required for all graduate students each year. These reports are used to decide which students to nominate for fellowships, training grant slots, or other preferred support. They are used to keep your committee informed of your progress during the previous year. They are also used by the Graduate School to collect assessment data for submission to outside reviewers. The Graduate Field Assistant will give you the Progress Report Form the month before your seminar. The Progress Report should be completed by the student and given to his/her Special Committee Members one week prior to the student’s Wednesday seminar, as all GGD students are required to meet with their Special Committee after their Wednesday seminar. This committee meeting should take place as soon as possible after the seminar, and certainly within two weeks. All members of your Special Committee need to sign the Form at the committee meeting. The Chair of your committee will write a letter evaluating your progress, discuss it with you afterwards and give it to you to sign. You will then return your completed progress report form, including the letter, to the Graduate Field Assistant. Also included in the progress report is the student’s “Individual Development Plan”, as well as the faculty response to the student’s career plan outline. All 5th year and beyond students must present a "final-year plan" to their committee, which is to be part of the progress report.

Students are evaluated each year at the annual Field meeting held in early summer. Progress reports, teaching evaluations, rotation evaluations and progress towards degree completion are all considered. Results of the evaluation are communicated to all students by the DGS.