Student Handbook

Annual Progress Reports

As a graduate students in your second year and beyond, you are required to meet with your entire committee at least once a year to discuss progress and plans for your research project and completion of your program. You should arrange this meeting to take place immediately following your Wednesday seminar (or as soon after as possible thereafter). It is the student's responsibility to arrange this meeting and to provide faculty with the Student Progress Review (SPR) report. The Student Progress Review (SPR) report is due within 30 days of your Monday seminar (see suggested process below).

The annual progress report supports communication between the student and their Special Committee, helps to gauge the progress being made toward graduation and, as of 2017, is the basis of annual benchmarks toward graduation required by the Graduate School. It is used by the Field to monitor student progress, as well as such administrative purposes as award nominations and collection of assessment data for the Graduate School. The Progress Report is found on-line (see links below which can also be found on the GGD Current Student Forms page).

Regular meetings with the full committee (a minimum of once a year) will help keep your program on track. You should also meet with individual members of your committee along the way in order to get information and feedback on your program and research. Your committee is there to provide you guidance and feedback.

Process for completion of annual Student Progress Report:

  1. Schedule a meeting with your Special Committee that coincides with your Field seminar. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss your seminar as well as your portion of the Student Progress Review.
  2. Complete the Student Section of the online Student Progress Review, save and download a draft to distribute to your entire Special Committee at least seven (7) days prior to your seminar.
  3. After your seminar, meet with Special Committee to discuss your progress and planning. This meeting should take place within two weeks of your seminar, if not immediately thereafter.
  4. After your meeting, finalize the Student Section of the SPR and submit it. Once you click submit, your advisor will be routed to your Chair so they can complete the Advisor section and submit it. The rest of your committee can also view the form, however, only your Chair electronically signs and submits it. (Note: Once you submit the SPR, you will be unable to edit it).
  5. Your Committee Chair should submit their portion of the online form within 30 days of your seminar.

Links to the On-line Student Progress Report are provided below:

All 5th year and beyond students must present a "final-year plan" to their committee, as part of the progress report. This will be a part of Section 5: Field Questions of the SPR.

Students are evaluated each year at the annual Field meeting held in early summer. Progress reports, teaching evaluations, rotation evaluations and progress towards degree completion are all considered. Results of the evaluation are communicated to all students by the DGS.