Carolyn (Carrie) Adler
Assistant Professor

Carolyn Adler




Department of Molecular Medicine
Cornell University
C3-167 Veterinary Medical Center
Ithaca, NY 14853


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Carrie is originally from Hawaii, and attended college at Wesleyan University where she earned a B.A. degree in Biology in 1996. Afterwards, she went to graduate school at UCSF, working with Cori Bargmann on neural development in C. elegans and earned a Ph.D. in Cell Biology in 2005. For a postdoc, Carrie trained with Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado at the University of Utah and the Stowers Institute. She was appointed as a Research Scientist in the Department of Molecular Medicine at Cornell University in September 2015.

Research Description

The goals of the Adler lab are to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms driving organ regeneration. To do this, we study one of the champion regenerators of the animal kingdom, planarian flatworms. Injury stimulates these cells to divide, resulting in rapid tissue regeneration. We aim to understand how stem cells produce differentiated cells that coalesce to form functional organs, in an animal where regeneration proceeds without inhibition. We use genetic tools such as next-generation sequencing and RNA interference combined with cell biological and behavioral analysis to dissect how cells coordinate their activity to regenerate individual organs.

Selected Publications

Adler, CE and Sánchez Alvarado A. Types or States? Cellular Dynamics and Regenerative Potential (2015). Trends in Cell Biology, 11: 687-96.

Adler CE, McKinney SA, Seidel CW, Sánchez Alvarado A (2014). Selective amputation of the pharynx identifies a FoxA-dependent regeneration program in planaria. eLife, 3:e02238.