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Alaa Farghli awarded SUNY Provost Diversity Fellowship for Spring 2024

Alaa Farghli (Class of 2017) was awarded a SUNY Provost Diversity Fellowship by the Graduate School for Spring 2024.  This award is a competitive fellowship designed to support students who are progressing in their dissertation research and have made significant contributions to Cornell’s core values.  Alaa is mentored by Praveen Sethupathy in the Department of […]

Donald Long awarded HHMI Gilliam Fellowship

Donald Long (Class of 2019) has been awarded a Gilliam Fellowship from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).  This program seeks to increase a more diverse community of scientific researchers and is awarded to people who will become leaders in science and will actively support that goal.  Don is mentored by Praveen Sethupathy in the […]

John Frank awarded 2023 2023 LPS GGD Best Paper Award

John Frank’s first author research paper entitled “Evolution and Antiviral Activity of a Human Protein of Retroviral Origin” was recognized LPS Best Paper of the Year by a graduate student in the field of Genetics, Genomics & Development (GGD). John’s paper was published in the October 27, 2022 issue of Science.  John is mentored by […]

MBG Graduate Students Receive Outstanding TA Awards

Our students move science forward not only through their own research in their labs but also by helping increase knowledge about science and scientific research in Cornell classrooms! Sara Downs (BMCB Class of 2018) received an Outstanding Teaching Award for her work in BIOMG1350: Cell & Developmental Biology. Dashiell Massey (GGD Class of 2016) received […]