Student Organizers of the 2018 BMCB-GGD Symposium

Graduate Student Organizers of the 2018 BMCB-GGD Symposium


GGD graduate students are an active and interactive community.  They move the research being done in GGD labs forward and contribute to the program by making suggestions for change and improvement to keep the program both dynamic and cutting edge.  They seek the betterment of the program not only for themselves, but for those who join later and through their interactions in research, academics and social situations, support not only the program itself, but all of its members.

Program of Study

The Cornell Graduate School sets the broad structure and guidelines for all Graduate Fields at the university, particularly with regard to registration, student status, and benchmarks leading to graduation.  Within these guidelines, each Field sets the standards and requirements specific to students in the program.  On the individual level, the student’s Special Committee is the final arbiter of the student’s program.

You should be sure to follow all administrative requirements of the University, the Graduate School and the Field.  If you have questions about any of these requirements, please contact the appropriate office or ask the GFAs for information or a referral to the appropriate office.

Registration:  Registration takes place three times a year – fall, spring and summer and establishes your status as a Cornell graduate student.  Registration is typically an automatic process; however, if there is a hold on your account, your registration may be blocked.  Additionally, if you do not enroll in Dissertation Research for the summer, you will not be considered a registered student.

Go to your Student Center ( at the beginning of each semester to ensure that you do not have any holds on your account.  If there is a hold, clear it up as soon as possible even if it is not preventing you from being a registered student.  Unresolved holds not only result in late fees, but will prevent future registration.  

Your Student Center will also indicate that your financial assistance (i.e. stipend, tuition and health insurances) have been received.  If there is a problem with your funding, contact the GFAs as soon as possible to get this resolved.