Administrative Requirements & Forms

Mariana Wolfner presenting at the MBG Retreat

Administrative requirements (i.e. forms and deadlines) are an important part of your program.  They not only serve as benchmarks in progress toward your degree but also support you by encouraging communication between all stakeholders in that progress — you, your Committee, the Graduate Field and the Graduate School. The Current Student section of the GGD website details program requirements.  Additional information and documents can be found on the MBG Graduate Community Intranet (login required).

Graduate School benchmarks and requirements can be found on the Academic Progress website.  Most of the forms necessary for Graduate School benchmarks and student status can be found on the Graduate School Forms Page.

GGD Rotation Evaluation Form is part of your first-year assessment of progress.  A form must be turned in at the end of every rotation.  It should also be used as a basis for an expectations discussion at the start of each rotation.

Annual Student Progress Review – required in the second year and beyond for all students registered in any portion of the academic year.  The SPR is associated with your Student Seminar and Annual Committee meeting.  It is due within 30 days of your Field research seminar.  Indication of the completion of the Individual Development Plan (IDP) and Expectations Dialog are required annually as part of the SPR and can be found on the MBG Grad Student Intranet.

If you have any question about program requirements, please contact the GFAs —

MBG Grad Student Intranet (Log-in using Kerberos ID required)